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OkowaPlus is a package of support
for driving PROSPERITY for all DELTANS!

The totality of the S.M.A.R.T Agenda is job and wealth creation, and the logic is that, it is through job and wealth creation that prosperity for all Deltans can be achieved. The Job and Wealth Creation Scheme which encapsulates OkowaPlus is multi-dimensional.

Delta State has comparative advantages in many commodities, including oil palm, cassava, vegetables and many other livestock enterprises.

Think OKOWAPLUS! Think Job and Wealth Creation for Prosperity!

Our programmes


YAGEP involves the training and development of youth entrepreneurs in agriculture and agribusiness and equipping participants to establish their own enterprises.


STEP encompasses the training of youths in different skills/trade and helping them to establish their own enterprises for self-employment and to become employers of labour.


PPSP is an agricultural value chain support programme designed to upscale the use of modern inputs and technologies, increase outputs and productivity of crop,


This programme involves the establishment of agro-processing plants and agro-allied factories for value-addition to agricultural commodities produced by farmers.

Mar 31 2016

The microcredit programme encompasses the extension of customized loans to artisans, farmers, traders, women and youth entrepreneurs. The loans are aimed at helping the beneficiaries to increase working capital and financial resources to expand enterprise operations, promote productivity, generate higher incomes and create new jobs.

Under the microcredit programme, all loans are extended through artisans’ associations, farmers’ cooperative societies, commodity associations, women’s groups and youth associations, to their members.

The loanable funds are mobilised from several sources, national and international. The prospective sources of loanable funds include special intervention facilities of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), bilateral and multilateral international development organisations as well as partnership with private foundations and non-governmental organisations.