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PPSP Training Plan

Mar 31 2016

Production and Processing Support Programme (PPSP) involves support to existing crop and livestock farmers with production inputs and efficient agro-processing technologies. They include planting materials and fertilizer for cassava, yam, maize, plantain, vegetables and sweet potato, starter stocks and feeds for poultry, piggery and fisheries.  Support for agro-processing covers equipment and tools for cassava, oil palm and fish. The number of beneficiaries includes 1,000 cassava processors, 1,500 fish processors and 100 oil palm processors. Another component of the intervention involves the provision of subsidized outboard engines and gears for artisanal fishing.

Programme Design:

  1. The programme is designed to increase the production capacity of existing farmers for wealth creation in the following ways:
  2. Small scale farmers – provision of improved inputs (seeds, fertilizer,  implements, etc.) and increase access
  3. Support for the acquisition of processing equipment – cassava, oil palm, maize and fish
  4. Providing microcredit through available financing windows.
  5. Provision of subsidised bulldozers, tractors and implements.
  6. Support the acquisition of maize dryers and associated equipment.

Existing farmers and farmer multipurpose cooperatives across the three (3) senatorial districts.

Selection Process/Criteria:
This will be determined through dialogue with farmers, farmer organisations and cooperatives in stakeholder meetings/fora.

List of Implementing MDAs and Implementing Partners:

a.     Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

b.     Agricultural Development Programme and

c.      Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Resource Requirements:

a.   Tractor and implements.

b.  Processing equipment.

c.   Improved farm inputs.

d.  Loanable funds.

Possible Sources of Support:

a.   CBN Real Sector Support Facility RSSF – 300 billion

b.   CBN Nigerian Incentive-based Risk Sharing Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL)

C.   CBN Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme (CACS).

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