You can download the EBMT Lecture by clicking on the link below

EBMT Lecture

Training Modules

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Module 1

Module 2

Training Manual for Fish Production: Please download the Training Manual for Fish Production here Manual

YAGEP Training Manual for Crop Production

1. Arable crops - cereals - Growing Maize for Economic Empowerment - By Prof. Alika Download manual

2. Arable crops - cereals - Rice Value Chain: Prospects and Opportunities - By Hon. Raymos Guanah Download manual

3. Tomato Production, Marketing and Processing – - By Hon. Paul Okpue Download manual

4. Arable crops - root and tuber crops (Part III & IV) - Cassava Production and Value Addition. – By Mr. Samuel Ogbare Download manual

5. Perennial (tree crops) - plantain and banana production Part I & II - By Mr. Ignatius Ifedinkor Download manual

6. Perennial (tree crops) - plantain and banana production Part III & IV - By Mr. Peter Osaji Download manual

7. Arable crops - vegetables -Tomato Production – By Dr. Theo Okpidi Download manual

8. Growing Oil Palm from Land Preparation to Harvesting and Business Opportunities Along the Value Chain. – By Dr. Theo Okpidi Download manual

9. Palm Oil Production – By Gerry Osai Download manual

Orientation Training Modules: The training module for 2016 Orientation Programme held at Songhai Delta Amukpe 
You can also download the module by clicking here