I Have Taken Electrical Installation to the Next Level- STEPreneur Uche

A STEPreneur trained in Electrical Installation and Repairs has asserted that consistency, availability and customer care are the hallmark for any successful business. 

STEPreneur Uche Emmanuel made the assertion when he gave tips on “Critical Factors in Growing a Business from the Start: Lessons from my Personal Experience,” during a two day Entrepreneurship and Business Management Training for 41 Green STEP graduates in Asaba.

Uche Emmanuel who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Marvict Electrical Store was trained in Electrical Installation and Repairs in the 2016/2017 Cycle of the Delta State Government’s Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP).

He said he has taken electrical installation to the next level by going for re-training in Transformer Installation and Repair at Obosi in Anambra State, which has enhanced his marketability and increased the quality of clients attracted to him.

He added that he has four employees and has achieved a lot for himself and his family in the past two years.

He advised them to adhere strictly to the following tips to sustain their enterprises:

  • ·     Put God first
  • ·     Be consistent
  • ·     Be available
  • ·     Uphold hard work above pleasure
  • ·     Maintain good customer relationship
  • ·     Politely explain to your clients the importance of using original material
  • ·     Make your installation unique
  • ·     Religiously keep business records and accounts

·     Be prudent in spending

·     Market your business, using your business card and on social media platf

·     Always make an allowance in your quotations to make room for unforeseen shortages

·     Go for further training