PPSP is implemented in three tracks:

Provision of subsidised inputs and production technologies to crop, livestock and fish farmers;

Provision of subsidised agricultural processing and value-addition equipment and facilities to agricultural cooperative societies, commodity associations and women; and

Enablement and facilitation of tractor management and ownership by agricultural cooperative societies for affordable, efficient and sustainable farm mechanization services.

PPSP is an agricultural value chain support programme designed to upscale the use of modern inputs and technologies, increase outputs and productivity of crop, livestock and fishery enterprises. In addition, it is designed to improve agricultural value addition and post-harvest management. The packages include inputs, technologies and materials necessary to make production and processing more efficient.

One of the key elements of PPSP is the use of public-private partnership arrangement for the management and ownership of tractors. The logic of PPSP is to support viable agricultural production and processing enterprises to increase their outputs and thereby employ additional labour and create wealth. Under PPSP, agricultural loans are facilitated for eligible agricultural cooperative societies, farmers, processing entities and operators along the agricultural value chain.

Participants/Beneficiaries: Existing farmers, farmers’ multipurpose cooperative societies and commodity associations across the three (3) Senatorial Districts.

Selection Process/Criteria: Under the PPSP, a database of farmers, farming and agro-processing enterprises is being developed and will be updated from time to time. Selection is based on this database through dialogue with cooperative societies and commodity associations.