YAGEP involves the training and development of youth entrepreneurs in agriculture and agribusiness and equipping participants to establish their own enterprises. This scheme is an integral part of the administration’s agenda to curb youth unemployment and develop the agricultural economy of the state for wealth creation. Alumni of the programme will be branded and promoted as YAGEPreneurs.

Under YAGEP, unemployed youths are trained and established in their choice agricultural enterprises, including poultry, piggery, fishery and crop production. The theoretical and hands-on practical agricultural training takes place at accredited agricultural training centres over a given period, depending on the enterprise. The scope of training covers agricultural ‘subjectmatter’ knowledge, enterprise management, leadership and life skills, group organisation and group farming.

Participants are supported to establish and run their own enterprises through the provision of starter packs which, in the case of livestock enterprises, include livestock houses, operating facilities, amenities and inputs. In addition, participants receive buffer stipends during the enterprise gestation period and some working capital to purchase inputs and/or working materials.