Chief Job Creation Officer’s Meeting With Trainers

The occasion was an opportunity for the Office of the Chief Job Creation Officer to make an overall assessment of the implementation of STEP and YAGEP. Following the traditional opening remarks by the Heads of STEP and YAGEP and the Chief Job Creation Officer, the Independent Monitors who are non-staff of the Office of the Chief Job Creation Officer selected on the basis of their personal integrity, gave their own assessment. In their opinion, the programme has been a huge success as the trainers opened their doors wide for the trainees to gain full knowledge of their chosen enterprises.

On their own part, the trainers generally lauded the vision of His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa who they said, is truly committed to the agenda of ‘Prosperity for all Deltans’, tagging it “An Unprecedented Achievement”. They also lauded the efforts of the Chief Job Creation Officer who is living out the goals and aspirations of His Excellency, the Governor.

It was not all praises though, as the office saw the occasion as an opportunity to admonish trainers who tend to collude with their trainees to play truancy in the programme. The Chief Job Creation Officer frowned at such tendencies and informed everyone present of the measures taken so far, saying that such trainers have been delisted and defaulting trainees suspended from the programme.

The meeting was largely interactive, with the Office of the Chief Job Creation Officer gaining fresh knowledge on how to improve in the future. The meeting came to an end at about 3.30pm.