Plan Your Tomorrow from Today, YAGEPreneur Bawo Advises Delta Youths

Four years after, he has grown his business to an enviable height. He began as a bachelor but he is now married, blessed with a son, has acquired a plot of land which he is already developing. He is a consultant, an employer, a trainer and the CEO of Ulori G8 Global Resort. He shares his experience. 

“I have grown my business and I am still doing so. I have 15 fish ponds stocked with 10,000 fish at the moment. I am now a married man and I have a son too. I am building on a 100 X 100 plot of land which I acquired. I live in a completed apartment in that building. All these achievements are possible because of Governor Okowa’s YAGEP. I have trained four persons who are now established. I have one trainee and three casual staff.

“Fish farming is very lucrative, but it is what one gives to them that they give back to one. Finance is very important in business. Make quality decisions as an entrepreneur. The mistake of underestimation is very harmful in fish business. Anyone who ventures into it should have 60% capital before investing in it.

“I advise Deltan youths to plan their tomorrow from today so that they will not hold anyone responsible for their tomorrow. There is dignity in labour.”


By Gertrude Onyekachukwu-Uteh