From being a fulltime homemaker, she is now a business owner, a trainer and an employer of labour. She is doing great and making positive impact in her family. She has diversified into sale of fabrics and tailoring accessories. She also retails water and soft drinks. Hear her.


“To strengthen my proficiency, I had to engage a different fashion trainer other than the job creation trainer I was posted to. I was well established with my Starter Pack and support from my husband. 


“Because the demand for male wears is high, I employed male and female designers. In addition, I have bought a weaving machine, three manual machines, a cover button machine and a double-door fridge. I also sell fabrics, tailoring accessories, beverages and water. I have trained three persons who are doing well too.


“From being a fulltime homemaker, I am now an entrepreneur and an employer. It has been fulfilling and rewarding. I now contribute meaningfully to the upkeep of my home.”

By Gertrude Onyekachukwu-Uteh