Bridget Apodor


Bridget Apodor is a Cosmetologist and a Beauty Therapist. She hails from Bomadi Local Government Area and is a graduate of Economics from Delta State University, Abraka. As an entrepreneur, she is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chevonne Cosmetics located at Kenny Prudence Plaza, Block 3, Shop 2, 23 Road Market, Festac Town, Lagos State. Bridget has nine (9) products, comprising skin care and household products to her credit. 

Her Success Story

How did you get into this programme?

I was hired to input data in the Office of the Chief Job Creation Officer. Coincidentally, I had applied to be trained in Cosmetology. I was fortunate to be admitted into the programme.

Why did you choose Cosmetology?

I have passion for beauty, skin care and make-up. I want to make people beautiful, happy and fulfilled.

For how long were you unemployed?

I was unemployed for 6 years after graduation from the university. I was in and out of private jobs for those years without a steady means of livelihood. I was discouraged and confused. But thanks be to God, I was prayerful. Hearing God’s words, encouraged me and I believed that someday there would be a change. Suddenly the change came. It was a drastic change. The opportunity came; my husband came; the training came. I was trained for 3 months by the Delta State Government at ”Body and Mind”, Asaba. 

How did you go into production of your products?

After the 3 months training, I had something to do because the Government trained me, but I decided to train further in the production of these products. Initially, I used my home as my business address and with the sum of #115,000.00 I received from the State Government coupled with the support of my husband, I registered somewhere in Lagos where I was taught how to produce skin care and household products.

Speak on your Brand Name, “Chevonne Cosmetics“.

I was inspired by the knowledge acquired during the Entrepreneurship and Business Management Training for trainees as well as the knowledge I received in Lagos. I can say my success is based on them. There and then, I was taught a lot about branding, re-branding and packaging. Corporate Affairs Commission has granted approval for the registration of my enterprise with the name Chevonne Cosmetics. As a result of this approval, I have changed my packaging and labels to correspond with my new name.

 Tell us more about your enterprise.

Chevonne Cosmetics comprises Chevonne Lotion; Facial Cream; Shower Gel; Antiseptic; Air Freshener; Dish Wash among others. My business now has an account different from my personal account. In fact, the business is growing. I have clients I am working on. On establishment, I used my equipment that is my starter pack, at home, but I now have a shop at Kenny Prudence Plaza, Block 3, Shop 2, 23 Road Market, Festac Town, Lagos State. I have also procured new equipment, Facial Steamer for facial treatment. Clients come for facial treatment, massage, pedicure, waxing as well as for my cosmetic products. I have good patronage. My sales level have increased; customer base has increased too. There is money in the business. 

Have you trained anyone? 

Yes. I have trained 3 persons who completed their trainings and are established. Currently I have one apprentice.

Can you then say Governor Okowa’s Job and Wealth Creation Policy has impacted positively on you?

 Yes! For 6 years, I was jobless and I was not meaningfully engaged, but Dr. Okowa gave me reasons to laugh. People say Okowa has not achieved anything, but I stand to counter it. That is not true. He has done something great for the youths. I am a testimony. I encourage other unemployed youths to key into these programmes. Through Senator Okowa’s Government, I have realised that the Government can do a lot for its people. His Government is the best I have experienced. I am so excited!

Your Future Plans

I want to make Chevonne Cosmetics a household name in the world of beauty therapy.