Aghogho Oghenekevwde


Aghogho Oghenekevwde is a YAGEPreneur trained in Fish Production in the 2016 Cycle. She hails from Oghara in Ethiope West Local Government Area and is an Animal Science graduate from Delta State University, Asaba Campus. Barely three months she got established at YAGEP Fish Cluster at Ugbokodo in Okpe Local Government Area, Aghogho has carved a niche for herself as the first YAGEPreneur in Fishery to own a hatchery. In spite of her health challenges, she broke all barriers to move ahead of her peers. Her business name is “AG’s Rehoboth Farms”. 

Her Story

How has the training impacted on you?

The three months training/internship afforded me the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge on fish production and to work with professionals in the field.

What was your starter pack like? 

After training, I was invited to Ugbokodo YAGEP Fish Cluster three months ago and was allocated 2 fish ponds, 2000 juveniles, sufficient fish feeds to grow them to table size, N50, 000.00 microcredit and placed on a 15,000.00 monthly stipend for six months.

How did you get into fish hatchery?

 In the university, learning was basically theoretical. I established a personal hatchery after the three months internship. I learnt it there. I painstakingly lived in my trainer’s farm for three weeks even when it was not convenient for me because I needed to learn the various processes involved in fish hatchery. I thank God my effort paid off.

How did you fund it?

I save the N10, 000.00 monthly stipend I received during my training and with it, I bought a male brood stock and a female brood stock from my trainer.  Since then, I have hatched four times.

What was the output?

It has been very good. So far, I have hatched 16,000 fingerlings. I am currently expecting another 40,000.

Being a role model, what is your advice to Delta youths?

I advise them to be more open minded and to embrace entrepreneurship which the State Government has made possible. They need to make the best use of it to become employers of labour.

How do you assess State Government’s Job Creation Programme?

So good! During my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I was involved in an accident through which I sustained a spinal cord injury. I thought all hope was lost, but the Delta State Government through this programme helped me to get out of it. I am grateful to the State Government for the initiative. Through it, 12% of youth unemployment has been taken care of, but the government needs to be more observant by way of monitoring and mentoring so as to nip every challenge in the bud.