Precious Nwaise


Precious Nwaise, a STEPreneur in Fashion Designing & Tailoring, hails from Ute-Okpu in Ika North East Local Government Area. She holds a Higher National Diploma (HND) from the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu and a Master’s Degree in Financial Studies from National Open University. She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Precious holds sway in the fashion world as her designs are unique and speaks volume about her style and desire to stand out among her contemporaries in the needle and thread industry. She is the CEO of Mega Ecos Fashion Designer located at 117, Ibusa Road beside Winner’s Chapel, Asaba.

Her Story

How did you establish Mega Ecos Fashion Designer?

The Delta State Government established me after a six month training. I was given starter pack which comprises a butterfly machine; an industrial weaving machine; a generator; a pressing iron; a cutting table; #30,000.00  start-up allowance; #60,000.00 shop rent and a monthly stipend of #10,000.00 for three months. My husband supported me all the way. He rented this warehouse for me. 

Your style is unique. How did you achieve this? 

I created my pattern. Fashion is all about creativity. Though I am practising what I was taught, I added my effort to make it unique. I carry out lots of research to differentiate my products from those of my peers.

What is your specialty?

My area of specialization is majorly designing of African prints into executive skirts and blouses and gowns for women to be used on special occasions. I also design all kinds of materials for men and women. In all, my goal is to satisfy the needs of my customers. To the glory of God, I have published my first fashion magazine.

Where you into fashion designing before now?

No. I didn’t know anything about sewing before now. Governor Okowa helped me to realise my dreams. I began my fashion designing career through STEP. I enrolled for the programme as a married woman with three children. I was focused and resolved that I would not fail. My desire was to become gainfully self-employed having being at home as an unemployed housewife for six years. With such passion, everything I was taught by my instructor at Signature Secret, I made perfect at home through personal practice. 

How many persons have you trained? 

I have trained 5 persons who have successfully established their own fashion businesses. At present, I have 7 apprentices and 8 employees. 

Where do you see your enterprise in five years to come?

 I have expanded to the other part of the warehouse to accommodate all my trainees. I want my brand, “Ecos Mega Fashion” to become a global name in the fashion industry. I am duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. I am already exporting my products to the UK, Canada, USA, Spain and South Africa. I want to run a fashion institute and I aspire to become one of the trainers of the Office of the Chief Job Creation Officer. 

Would you accept a government job if the opportunity comes?

With what I have right now, I do not need a government job. No organization can pay me or make me control what I have right now. 

Do you think the government is right in promoting entrepreneurship?

Job creation through entrepreneurship is the right step in the right direction. I appeal to the State Government to continue its job creation programmes in order to reduce unemployment to the barest minimum.

Your advice to youths.

Youths especially Deltans should key into the State Government’s job creation programmes. They should have a progressive mind set by acquiring skills in addition to their educational qualifications so that they can become self-reliant and employers of labour.